BOXXHOUSE is a creative entertainment and marketing company based out of New York City, providing tailored event solutions for global brands, acclaimed artists, charitable organizations, and more. The company operates in two independently focused yet fully integrated divisions: 

The creative entertainment division is where we develop new and innovative ways to introduce consumers to curated brands and events through promotional tools and services. This part of the company is crucial to top brand development and independently focused marketing campaigns.

The marketing consultancy division is where we cultivate brand relationships by providing market analysis and targeted demographic research for companies and artists looking to reach new audiences. This is the niche market that BOXXHOUSE has in New York City because of its relationships in the different markets, primarily focused in the Food & Beverage, and Hospitality division. 

BOXXHOUSE works with global brands to reach targeted consumers through promotional marketing and bespoke events throughout the city. We put the right clientele in front of the right brands. BOXXHOUSE helps generate the buzz leaves a lasting impression in the right people.

BOXXHOUSE has a team with over two decades of experience in the marketing and promotional entertainment field. Founded by Laurent Baud in 2010, he began working with night clubs and beverage brands to cross-promote the two fields. Growing the company over the past years have been a wonderful experience for both BOXXHOUSE and the Brands and companies they have partnered with. To help grow the company to where it is and where the vision BOXXHOUSE will go, the company brought on the help of Marketing partner, Enzo Nicaise and Financial and Business expertise of David Yonan