BOXXHOUSE is a creative entertainment and marketing company headquartered in New York City. Starting out as a promotional and Marketing food & beverage service company, BOXXHOUSE and has grown into a leading marketer by connecting global brands and people to create maximum brand exposure. 

BOXXHOUSE works with global brands to reach targeted consumers through promotional marketing and bespoke events throughout the city. We put the right clientele in front of the right brands. BOXXHOUSE helps generate the buzz.

BOXXHOUSE has a team with over two decades of experience in the marketing and promotional entertainment field. Founded by Laurent Baud in 2010, he began working with night clubs and beverage brands to cross-promote between the two fields. Growing the company over the past four years have been a wonderful experience for both BoxxHouse and the Brands and companies they have partnered with. To help grow the company to where it is and where the vision BoxxHouse will go, the company brought on the help of Marketing partner, Enzo Nicaise and Financial and Business expertise of David Yonan.